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We are happy to bring you our UNIQUE patented molecular antimicrobial technology to help protect your Home, Office, School, Restaurant, Hospital, Gym



GoldShield®’s Mission was to innovate the disinfecting protocols in hospitals where the highest rate of  infections occur.


GoldShield® kills on contact, while leaving a residual protective bio-barrier that can last for MONTHS.



After rigorous product development, domestic and international testing, receiving EPA and FDA registrations GoldShield® Technologies began its mission by deploying its proprietary product line.



GoldShield® Technologies has been protecting hospitals, schools, public transportation gym, hotels, restaurants and other spaces in 10+ countries.



Today, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, GoldShield® is leveraging its patented product technology to help stop the spread of this very contagious and deadly virus, protecting millions of people around the world.

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Our Unique Formulation

Through a variety of domestic and international regulatory testing protocols GoldShield® products have been shown to possess very unique characteristics:

Creates Anti-Microbial Residual Barrier

Long Lasting Continual Protection

Safe & Effective On Skin, Surfaces & Textiles

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Our Products

GoldShield®’s unique product line provides a anti-microbial surface coating technology with measurable and residual protection. GoldShield® is practically safe for all surfaces and can be applied to daily use products such as gloves, masks and high traffic surface areas. This level of protectant will significantly reduce human to human and surface to human transmission.

GS24 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

GS75 Surface Antimicrobial With Residual Barrier

GS85 All Purpose Surface Cleaner

GS5 Antimicrobial Laundry Additive With Residual Barrier

Food Grade Surface Cleaner and Antimicrobial (Coming Soon)

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