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Through a variety of domestic and international regulatory testing protocols Goldshield products have been shown to possess very unique characteristics:

Goldshield 5 & 75

Possess a surface penetrating compound that provides better coverage and thus better efficacy, 1A, there is the “silane base.” This is the compound that anchors and triggers the covalent bonding functionality which allows Goldshield 5 and 75 to adhere to surfaces and textiles and remain durable for up to 90 days. Goldshield’s 5 and 75 resultant durability means Goldshield is not fugitive, i.e., does not leach or become mobile. Goldshield actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied.

Nitrogen Molecule: In nature many microbes are negatively charged. The “nitrogen” molecule, in Goldshield is positively charged  therefore, as in nature, the nitrogen molecules in Goldshield “attract” the negatively charged microbes toward them until contact.

Long Carbon Chain: Another part of Goldshield is a long carbon chain that releases an ionic charge that disrupts the microbe’s cell membrane upon contact mechanically inactivating the microbe. At the same time, the quaternary compound component of Goldshield denatures the microbe’s proteins. 

Our The chemistry developed by these scientists was brilliant and unique because it solved all the deficiencies that had eluded the best chemists in the world for 30 years. Goldshield today is the world’s only patented, water stable, functioning organosilane that:

  • Has been fully stabilized in water, therefore will not self-condense
  • Uses no acids or other solvents
  • Is non-flammable
  • Is water-based and odorless
  • Does not leach so forms a long-lasting covalent bond
  • Has a long in-bottle shelf life typically over a year and a half
  • Is very easy to apply via a traditional spray bottle
  • is economical because a single application provides up to a 30-90 day “invisible” protective shield inhibiting bacteria and fungi that cause odor, staining or discoloration.

Goldshield®’s unique technology differs to other technologies in that it not only kills microorganisms but also leaves a residual layer on any surface once dry. Most other formulations contain quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) as the main biocidal active, which is not capable of leaving an antimicrobial barrier once dry.

In the environment, residual activity is important because even though after disinfection, the levels of environmental bacteria are reduced, they soon recover as the surface is re-seeded from the air, people and animals shedding microorganisms and touching surfaces and other sources.

Goldshield® provides a protective layer that has been shown in numerous tests to remain for periods in excess of 24 hours and 14 days depending on the product used and the surface to which it is applied. Also, because Goldshield ® has a unique covalent bond, it is able to remain on the surface even if it is subsequently cleaned with normal detergents after application as cleaning is important to remove soils such as dirt and body fat. This is represented on the graph above, which is a visual representation to show the principle. The numbers of bacteria and levels of kill will vary depending on the environment.

Goldshield®’s ability to create this protective layer afterdisinfection, reduces the potential for cross-contamination/infection of potentially harmful pathogens in all areas of application in our industry sectors. This will create a safer environment in a world where we are seeing more and more antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and viral pandemics. Goldshield ® ’s technology therefore provides a safer environment by providing a protective shield, wherever it is applied giving confidence that surfaces remain hygienic fordays after applicat

Our Products

GS24 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

GS75 Surface Antimicrobial With Residual Barrier

GS85 All Purpose Surface Cleaner

GS5 Antimicrobial Laundry Additive With Residual Barrier

Food Grade Surface Cleaner and Antimicrobial (Coming Soon)

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