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Goldshield’s ability to provide residual protection is highly sought after in the restaurant industry. Restaurants require a high level of sanitation and you should consider adding protection to those processes as well. It can be used on  tables and booths, kitchen surfaces, bar surfaces, seats, restrooms and door handles.

Airlines Covid 19 Disinfection Services

The Scientific Approach

The common applicator does not bring a scientific approach to creating a true cleaning, disinfecting and surface protection protocol. They are sold products and many times decide based on margins and labor costs that can affect the quality of the work they perform for you. Understanding a product design and application method are what makes the product work to its full potential.


You have heard the term “measure twice and cut once”? Most applicators may not even measure at all. Our applications team members use the latest in ATP technology to measure potential infected material that contains biological residues also known as Biofilm’s.

 Proper Cleaning before Disinfection and Antimicrobial Protection is key. Using the GS 85 Surface Cleaner to clean dirt, grime and other surface pollutants will play a big role in allowing disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria that may hide, in pores and crevices of surfaces. This study shows (AJIC) that by only using a disinfectant, bacteria and Biofilm’s can be seen developing within hours. It is now generally accepted that the biofilm growth mode induces microbial resistance to disinfection that can lead to substantial economic and health concerns.

Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Combination:

This is where we leave the competitors in the “scientific rear view mirror”. Although disinfectants reduce biofilms by up to 99%, bacterial growth can rebound within hours to pre-cleaning levels. Our two-step method of using an approved CDC disinfectant and then the Goldshield Antimicrobial is the best defense. The EPA and other agencies agree that the COVID-19 virus, a softer protein cell, is an easier virus for disinfectants to kill. Other deadly viruses, that have a hard protein cell, include Ebola and H1N1. 

It’s not just about Commercial disinfectant spray; our approach comes from decades of clinical testing and designing hospital grade products.

The Scientific Bond of Electrostatic Spray and the Goldshield Patented Formula

Covid 19 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services

Why Electrostatic Spray?

As we have identified the conceptual size of saliva droplets, viruses, and bacteria, we can now evaluate what is the best method to deliver a Disinfectant and Anti- Microbial. Electrostatic Spray delivers charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces, including the back sides and crevices of surfaces regardless of the direction of spray for complete wrap-around disinfection coverage. The design and benefits of Electrostatic Spray work directly with Goldshield’s engineered patented formula, that it has surface penetrating advantages for complete and effective coverage. The small porous and fissure like crevices, where Biofilm continues to dwell, are not match for these two technologies together.

Misters and fogging systems deliver very small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity, which may result in uneven coverage. While Goldshield would outperform other products, because of its unique surface penetrating technology, we recommend Electrostatic Spray for the best coverage.

Covid 19 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services Gun 1


When the unit is turned on charge starts at charging ring and works itself back down the line, through the pump and into the tank changing all ions positive.

Covid 19 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services Gun 2


All the positive Ions from the tank are pumped from the tank through the pump and charged again at the charging ring all prior to becoming atomized.

Quick Facts

Electrostatic Spray Covid 19 Disinfection Services

Viruses and Bacteria

The average cross-section of a human hair is 50 microns. The human eye cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns in size. Viruses are infectious particles about 100 times smaller than bacteria

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How it Spreads

Sneezing can generate as many as 40,000 droplets less than 100 microns in size, traveling at speeds greater than 200 miles per hour and can reach 6ft to 27ft in distance.


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Biofilm’s and How Viruses and Bacteria use it to live on surfaces

 Biofilms can form and attach to a surface where bacteria and viruses can be sheltered by a protective barrier. Therefore, cleaning before the GS two-step treatment is critical.